Australian roadtrip, revisited

10 years ago I spent a year in Australia, to bridge the time between school and uni.

Looking back, one of the coolest things I did there, was a “rental car transfer” (Toyota Landcruiser!) from Perth to Adelaide.

It was an epic 3400 km (2100 mi) road trip, which also led through the Nullarbor Plain. This limestone desert contains the longest straight section of tarred road in Australia (146 km, 91 mi).

Legend has it, inspired by this, AC/DC wrote “Highway to Hell”.

Back then I had a really cheap digital camera. I think I got it as a Bonus gift for changing bank accounts. Looking at them now, I think its 800x600px quality makes the pictures not less interesting, though:


The online archive of the Library of Congress has a huge digitized library of over 6,000 photochromic prints.

This printing technique produces images with surreal colors, kind of similar to colorized black and white photographs.

Most of the pictures were taken between 1890 and 1900, more than 120 years ago. The following pictures show Heidelberg and Mannheim.

Heidelberg, Blick vom Philosophenweg
Heidelberg, view from Philosophenweg
Blick von der Hirschgasse
View from Hirschgasse
Mannheim, Kurpfalzbrücke (damals noch Friedrichsbrücke)
Mannheim, Friedrichsbrücke (today: Kurpfalzbrücke)
Rheinbrücke (today: Konrad-Adenauer-Brücke)