Now for some pictures of our vacation in Sicily. Considering I chose to take my mobile phone instead of my trusted Nikon D3200, they look alright

Departing from FFM
Clouds above Germany
Clouds above the Mediterranean Sea
Our rental car, a Fiat 500
vegetables in Sant’Alessio Siculo
Syracuse, temple of Apollo
Siracuse, Piazza Duomo
balconies in Syracuse
Syracuse, Castello Maniace
Castello Maniace, downpipe made of clay
Syracuse, alley
Taormina, Amphitheatre
Taormina, etna behind the clouds
Taormina, view of a storm cell
view from Forza d’Agrò onto Sant’Alessio Siculo, including a cactus
Forza d’Agrò

view from Forza d’Agrò onto Sant’Alessio Siculo
Forza d’Agrò
cable car to Etna
sadly, the main crater of Etna was closed
view of the main crater
curch in Milazzo
Pool of Venus, Milazzo
near Pool of Venus, Milazzo
port of Lipari
view of the castle rock
cathedral San Bartolomeo, Lipari
on top of the castle rock
a boat, shore of Lipari
Pool of Venus (yes, another one) on Vulcano
beach near Milazzo
Cefalù, in the background you can see the “Rocca”
San Salvatore at Piazza Duomo, Cefalù
Cefalù beach
Cefalù with castle rock
Palazzo Reale, Palermo
Palazzo Reale, Palermo
alley in Palermo
Palermo – facade
piazza in Palermo
Mondello beach
Monreale Cathedrale
Monreale Cathedrale
A Fiat 595